Personal vocal coaching

vocal coaching

Why should you have a lesson with Marikà?

I can help you find your perfect sound where your voice is free of distortion, bad posture, tenseness, but instead will be full of resonance, expression,  brilliance, warmth and energy.

To sing well you need to learn to listen very critically to yourself and being able to project an image in your mind of the sound you want to produce.

Lesson Plan:

  • Warming up of the voice:
    • humming
    • Vocal exercises
    • Exercises to extend range
    • Exercises to get rid of bad habits if needed
    • Developing confidence through correct breath management and posture
  • Working on Chosen aria or song:
    • Speaking text of aria
    • Humming aria
    • Discussing breath management, posture
    • Work on excerpts that need particular attention
    • Are you able to sing the whole song, aria in one go?
    • How do you learn it by heart?
    • When you sing it correctly can you do it again?
    • Are you aware what the context of the aria is, which character you have to portray?
    • Where in the opera does this particular aria take place?

From that 1st lesson onwards I can then adapt my vocal exercises to what you particularly need to improve on, which I will explain to you so you can prepare and study for next time.