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Masterclass in Tuscany

If you would like to perform as a professional singer, with confidence through correct breath management and posture, please join my Masterclass in Barga, Tuscany!


Program Masterclass Solo lessons:

  • Warming up the voice with humming and vocalises based on the arias or songs to be studied this week.
  • Control of posture whilst singing: Do you remain relaxed whilst you are singing?
  • Are you able to distinguish between producing a free sound and a restricted sound?
  • I am helping you to listen to yourself, so you can continue studying correctly when back at home.
  • In depth study of chosen aria, art-song, musical-song or film-song.
  • Pronunciation text: In which language do you sing this aria or song?
  • Humming the melody.
  • Combining legato melody with clear pronunciation.
  • What happens in this aria? What is the message you want to convey?
  • How do you tackle particular technical difficulties in this aria?
  • What can I achieve straight away, but what do I need to study on for a longer amount of time?

I will accompany you on the piano, so you can get a feel of the accompaniment and timing of the piece.  Where can you breath, to what do you need to listen in the accompaniment?


After this Masterclass you can:

  • Present the result at a little concert in my singing studio or one of the local churches in Barga, Tuscany.
  • Perform with confidence through correct breath management and posture.
  • Enjoy your own voice as you have been handed clear technical instructions, which results in you knowing you actually CAN sing.


Masterclass days: Tuesday to Friday.

Costs:  Solo 4 days:  450,-  Euro.

Meals and lodgings not included, but I have a great pleasure providing you with details of local hotel and B&B's etc.

Please register via my contact form with the aria's or songs you would like to work on!