Can I Sing?

Can I sing

Can I Sing?

An Introduction Workshop to help to find the Singer in you!

This introduction workshop is suited for anyone who wants to learn how to sing:

  • Are you interested to know if you can sing?
  • Always wanted to learn how to sing?
  • Never had time to learn how to use your voice?
  • I can’t read notes, can I still learn how to sing?
  • I sing in a choir, but would like to sing some solo’s.
  • What sort of voice type do I have actually?
  • How do I portray this aria or song?

Learning Goals of Introduction Workshop:

  • Improving resonance
  • Improving posture
  • Improving agility
  • Improving expression
  • Improving breath management

After the introduction you:

  • Know how to use your voice more effectively
  • Know what you need to improve on
  • Take home practical vocal exercises to continue improving your vocal ability

The  Introduction  Workshop will take place at my Studio in Barga, Tuscany. Duration is 90 minutes and costs 45 Euro.

You can register for this Introduction Workshop by simply filling in this contact form.